Occupational Therapy: School Based: Letter Recognition Treatment Session Pre-K to 2nd Grade


Alphabet Soup OT Treatment Session Activity Pack is a six page treatment activity packet designed for a school based OT session of 20-30 minutes applicable for Age/Level: Pre-K to 2nd Grade Based on Ability Level, Activity Requires: Scissors, Includes: Capital and lowercase flashcards with activity instructions including a visual model of capital and lowercase letters.

Session Objectives:

  • Differentiating between capital and lowercase letters through sorting
  • Letter recognition of capital and lowercase letters
  • Sequencing of lowercase and capital letters
  • Cutting skills

Purchase once and use over and over for the rest of your school based career printing as needed for a quick, fun session or print multiple copies right away to have on hand within an arm's reach!


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File:   Alphabet Soup OT Treatment Session Activity Pack
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